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I always maintain an attitude of gratitude for all that I have. To be able to live my dream and work at something I love is a blessing that I am thankful for everyday.

I want to be as kind as I can as often as I can. For this reason I am always ready to donate my time and ability to a worthwhile cause. Below is a collection of charities and charitable causes that I have been involved in. If you need my help and my photography can be of assistance to you, please let me know.


Operation Progress - Los Angeles

It was a moment of complete serendipity which lead to me working with Operation Progress.
Operation Progress (OP) is located in the Watts area of Southern LA. Where only 47% of the population have graduated from high school. Less than 3% have a university degree. This is an impoverished area plagued by violence, drugs, gangs and a lack of quality education. There is very little hope for the children to reach their full potential and sadly they grow up unprepared for adulthood. Inevitably the cycle of poverty is repeated again and again. OP supports 92 children with expanded learning programs, academic case management and mentors who are serving Los Angeles Police Officers. It has been my honour to meet these amazing children and take their photo on my trips to LA.

OP 19.9-104.jpg

Macmillan Cancer Support

In 2014 I accompanied a group of people cycling from Barcelona to Box Hill in Surrey, England. My job was to ride in the support vehicles and capture images as we travelled up through Spain, France and finally on to the UK.
The journey took seven days and the cyclists battled through wind, rain and injury to complete their challenge.
I captured some superb moments from the back, side and roof of our support vehicles, but most importantly the team raised £30,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. 

Marc Bates_London_Concert_Backstage#-1.jpg


WE is an organisation that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world around them.
To raise awareness and bring young people together, WE hold concerts for children all over the world.
WE Day London is held at Wembley Arena and for the past two years I have volunteered as a Photographer for the event. 
WE Day attracts some of the most well known faces from music, tv and radio as well as a host of other special guests.
It is inspiring to listen to the stories of young people from all over the world and hear how they are trying to improve the world they live in.