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I'm on the short list? Seriously?

That was the exact thing that went through my head when I opened my email in December.
The reality settled in and I did what I always do when something like this happened. I laughed hysterically.
Laughing hysterically is what I always do. The first time I was told by an Editor they were publishing my images, the first time I was asked to write for an “expert panel” and the first time I saw my photo in a magazine. (actually I laughed and then cried)

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It is crazy to think that all of this started as a hobby, something that was my form of escapism. Now it is my full time job and I am on the shortlist for the UK wedding awards in the category of Best Wedding Photographer.

The first wedding job I had, I didn’t even have a camera. I had ordered one, but a week before the wedding it hadn’t arrived from Japan. I ended up hiring one which cost me more than I got paid for the job!
I remember thinking “this is a waste of time, I’m never going to be able to do this”
As someone once said “Nothing is impossible the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE”
This was no different. From that shaky start I got another job, from the next one I got two more and it grew from there.

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Taking photos of your wedding is something I am incredibly honoured to be able to do and also something I take extremely seriously. I do it with passion and never ever give less than 100%
Beyond this it is something I absolutely love and I am so emotionally invested in your day.
I laugh when you laugh and I cry at the speeches. Why? Because I am YOUR wedding photographer. 
I shoot a wedding as if it were my last day on earth and there are no limits to what I will do for your perfect shot. Covered in mud, sand, rolling around on the floor or stuck in a tree! People always ask about the knee pads, but they are essential. Trust me!
Looking back at what I have done and looking forward I am so happy I decided to follow my heart and pursue photography as my full time career. This is a constant adventure and I love the ride. There have been so many wonderful moments and funny stories that I have experienced.
I have shot weddings in Australia and Dubai as well as across the UK and Europe. Just to be able to write that is crazy. I will literally go anywhere for a wedding. People ask me “is that too far for you?” Nope tell me when and where and I am there!
To be on the shortlist for the UK wedding Awards as Best Wedding Photographer is definitely a highlight of my career. I am so touched by the amount of support I have received thus far and the kind words that people have sent me. My heart is full. You have all made it so. 

Thank you x






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