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Weddings: Best of 2016 - Sammie Jo & Aaron 20th August

So next up in my “Best of 2016” series, is the festival wedding of Sammie-Jo and Aaron Boothe or “BOOTHEFEST 2016” as I have decided to call it. There is only one word to describe this Wedding: POW!

I am not exaggerating when I say it was a fairy dust fuelled, Unicorn ride from start to finish! I have known Sammie Jo for many years and in my humble opinion she only has two settings, which are “excited” and “very excited” so I was really looking forward to this wedding. My first impression of Aaron was someone who was very kind, reserved and totally in love with Sammie Jo
I arrived at the Bridal preparation to be greeted by all seven Bridesmaids wearing exactly the same PJs. Most of them were similar heights with various shades of blonde hair, which as you can imagine was a little confusing.
There was so much laughter, dancing and fun during this part of the day, that I knew it was going to be an awesome wedding. I also remember thinking what a privilege it was to do my job. These moments are priceless and to be able to witness them is a real pleasure.
So after putting the Bride in her stunning Sophia Tolli gown and herding the Bridesmaids into the waiting vehicles, it was time to get going.
At the Church I was greeted by Aaron, and his merry men (2 Best Men and 6 Groomsmen).
Unsurprisingly the Church was packed which was true testament to how highly Sammie Jo and Aaron are regarded by friends and family.
The ceremony was probably the most fun I have ever had in a Church and there were some great moments all of which I managed to capture. These included the Bride giving the Groom a cheeky pinch on the bum and the Bridesmaids adding a bit of flair to the hymn singing.
After a rain delay stopped anyone from leaving the Church we were headed to the reception venue.
This is where “BOOTHEFEST 2016” really began! A huge marquee in the field at Maplehurst Farm.
After getting the normal group shots finished, we indulged in a few “group shots with a difference”

(see below)
The reception was non-stop fun and the festival vibe was everywhere. The food was Caribbean the music was acoustic and the laughter was raucous.
The speeches were hilarious, emotional and touching with Aaron once and for all answering the question: “What do you get a girl on her wedding day?” The answer was a purple BMX!!!
After singing waiters, cake cutting and first dances, the party started with questionable moves and banging grooves.
I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to steal the entire Bridal party away for a photo. I had been planning this picture since Aaron and Sammie Jo hired me and it had taken a huge amount of effort and research.
Now I don’t know if any of you have ever tried to get 8 women to put down their drinks and leave a dance floor, but I did and they weren’t budging. I managed to do it, but only with help from the total legend that is Maid of Honour Vicky Bee!
We got out side and took the shot which has now become known as “the umbrella photo”. 

This is probably my most famous image and one that lead  me to becoming a “Published” Wedding Photographer. 
So that was BOOTHEFEST 2016 and this is easily the longest blog I have written to date, but there was just so much to include.
Sammie Jo and Aarons wedding was one that will always be special to me for many reasons both personally and professionally. The moments I captured and the images I created have been published with more media coverage to come. So watch this space!
On a personal note both Sammie Jo and Aaron constantly support and applaud my work which means a great deal, I am very grateful that they chose me as their Photographer.
Hopefully there will be many more weddings for me, but there will only ever be one fairy dust fuelled Unicorn ride called BOOTHEFEST 2016. Thanks guys xx

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