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Weddings: Best of 2016 - John & Joe 9th July

The next instalment in my Best of 2016 series is the celebration of marriage between John and Joe. 
I choose that term, because they had been married the day before with just a handful of witnesses.

So in many ways then, this was the ultimate "after party" 
I have known John since my Flight Attendant days, working for Virgin Atlantic. He was someone I immediately liked and always enjoyed flying with...NEVER a dull moment! 
I had never met Joe before we visited the venue, but as with John I was instantly a fan and was really excited about capturing their special day.
For a location the boys chose the amazing Sharpenhurst Farm located in the Sussex countryside.
This self-contained venue is an absolute delight and provided me with so many places, props and ideas for the photography. I highly recommend it! 
The boys and their Grooms Women got ready in the farm house and joined the guests for a ceremony officiated by some of their closest friends. 
John & Joe who are possibly the most organised people I have ever met, left plenty of time for photos and it was great to have time and explore the farm to find some amazing spots for their portraits. 
The celebration meal was to be held in the barn which was perfectly decorated by the boys themselves. 
The speeches were so emotional and heart felt, even I had a little tear. I tried to pretend it was hay fever, but no one believed me!
We all danced and laughed until it was time to go home and I really didn't want the day to end!
John & Joe, your day was perfect! Thank you both for choosing me as your photographer xx

marc bates